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    Joe Citizens - new story, regarding Motability scooters. My favourite!

  • The Un-Civil Servant

  • BB

    BB is Bureaucratic Bullsh*t.
    It can also stand for Big Brother.
    In the civil service, they are one and the same.

  • What’s it all about?

    Bureaucracy is an umbrella term for official incompetence; that is, incompetence which has officially been sanctioned as being good practice. No-where in the world is that more apparent than in the British public sector. Misadministration of public services is the backbone of every government led department.
    Trust me, I’m a civil servant.

  • It’s a disease

    Bureaucracy runs rife through the corridors of power like a child riddled with ADHD, high on fizzy pop, crisps and jelly-beans.

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Bureaucracy demands a politician’s answer.

Citizen: “What time is the next bus?”
Politician: “Buses are run at regular, short intervals to enable the public to travel to, from and between popular and essential destinations. Time specifics can be arbitrary due to traffic, weather and road conditions. Time, unfortunately, is an abstract concept, created by society and is therefore not an actual component of nature. It cannot be infallibly relied upon to accurately guage the arrival of any form of transport that is subject to surrounding forces beyond its level of control. In short, the absolute best we can establish is a relatively close approximation.”
Citizen: “F*ck off.”
This in politician’s terms is called ‘Being On the Defensive’: or Bureaucratic Bollards (not bollocks – though that may also apply).


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