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    BB is Bureaucratic Bullsh*t.
    It can also stand for Big Brother.
    In the civil service, they are one and the same.

  • What’s it all about?

    Bureaucracy is an umbrella term for official incompetence; that is, incompetence which has officially been sanctioned as being good practice. No-where in the world is that more apparent than in the British public sector. Misadministration of public services is the backbone of every government led department.
    Trust me, I’m a civil servant.

  • It’s a disease

    Bureaucracy runs rife through the corridors of power like a child riddled with ADHD, high on fizzy pop, crisps and jelly-beans.

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Give us a break!

Today we were told most emphatically that our break times would be closely monitored.  We get twenty minutes morning and afternoon if we’re full time.  Every minute of our day has to be accounted for and we have various ‘codes’ that we log into on the computer to show what we’re doing at any one time.

We don’t quite have to raise our hand to go to the toilet but there is a computer code equivalant.  If you need the loo you click on the break code and off you go.  But mind you get back as quick as you can and if it’s a number two, you’re pushing your luck!  You think I exaggerate?  I honestly don’t.  That’s why we were warned today.  Obviously some of us are taking too much time wiping our bottoms or drying our hands.  Oh, the bullsh*t!

Consequently I am yet again getting rather sozzled on a bottle of red!  We civil servants are a bunch of sops, you know.  It comes with the (bureaucratic) territory.


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  1. Good article.

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