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They just don’t listen

Since the great election shakeup we’ve had a lot of calls from worried citizens.  They are afraid that their DLA will be in danger because of the government’s new initiative to start compulsory medicals.  At the moment the minimum requirement for a potential DLA’er is to fill in a form.  That’s it.  It is basically a self assessment benefit.  That is why the flood gates of abuse are so wide open.  It is unusual for a decision to come back as ‘entitled’ without at least getting one medical report but it does happen.  So, under the new rules (coming in 2013) all claimants will require a medical.  It hasn’t half caused panic.  A typical enquiry might go like this:

Joe C:  “You know this new DLA medical thing they’re bringing in?”

BB HQ: “Yes.”

Joe C: “What’s it going to involve?”

BB HQ: “We don’t know yet, the details haven’t been worked out, but we will let you know more nearer the time.”

Joe C: “So where will it take place?  Will it be my doctor or will one come out to me?”

BB HQ: “Like I said, we don’t know yet, it’s not been finalised.”

Joe C: “Will we still have to fill in forms as well?”

BB HQ: “I don’t know, we haven’t been told, but we will let you know as soon as we do.”

Joe C: “It’s a bit worrying.  Will I lose my DLA?  Will we have to have a new medical at every renewal?”

BB HQ: “Sir, we really have no idea.  All we know is it starts in 2013, nothing to worry about just yet.”

Joe C: “Right, but what if I miss the appointment?  Will I lose my money.  Can you make sure I will be in that day?”

BB HQ: “Look, there is nothing more I can tell you.  We will be in touch as soon as we can, OK?  We don’t know any details”

Joe C: “What if the doctor says I’m alright?  It’s my back and I can’t get out of bed, he might be nasty and say I’m ok.  I have to get my mum to bring me my fags and my mate can only come round with a bottle of voddy once a week.  I haven’t got much of  a life as it is…hello?…hello?”

That’s about the gist of it.  OK, that was a bit stereotypical but so what?  I have to get my frustrations out somehow and believe me, eight out of ten claimants prefer whining*.  My thoughts are that if you’re worried a medical will deem you too fit for DLA then you shouldn’t be on it in the first place.  That fits in nicely with another one of my thoughts (I have them quite often).  If someone is spending their DLA money on anything that doesn’t relate to why they are receiving it, ie they’re paying the gas bill instead of a carer or buying Christmas presents for the grandkids instead of skin rash cream, then ditto, they also obviously don’t need it.

A lot (I feel the urge to say, most, but you’ll just think me cynical) of Joe C’s do not use their DLA on things that you would feel appropriate in aiding them through their illness or disability.  DLA is a weekly or four weekly benefit often awarded for a number of years, if not indefinitely.  In my opinion this is a waste of money when quite often one item bought would ease the actual reason for claiming, ie a wheelchair or a walk in bath or a stairlift.  What do they spend the other ten thousand weekly payments on?  Do I really need to go there?

*2010 survey as conducted by the un-civil servant (50,358 out of 55,864 calls used).


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